To help achieve those cute sleepy newborn photos, there are a few things to do in preparation.

Schedule early Newborns are very sleepy within the first week or two of life. Beyond that, they tend to be less likely to sleep through those sessions.

Warm up your house Newborns won't usually sleep well if they are cold, so if you want photos with your newborn's bare skin showing...warm your environment up! Get the house warm enough that your baby is comfortable without a onesie on...usually that means you will feel pretty warm and toasty, too.

Expect to take feeding breaks A full belly will help your baby sleep well, so don't feel rushed or give a half-feeding. I'd rather you and your baby take the time to feed. Milk coma is a wonderful thing for newborn photos.

Keep your schedule flexible Try not to schedule an appointment within two or three hours of our scheduled session time. Since newborns are a bit unpredictable, we never know just how long a session might need to be.

To book a newborn session, please click here. Session fee is $150 and includes photographer's time, standard editing, and an online ordering gallery. Individual or complete session digital files will be available for purchase through the online gallery.