Welcome to my little blog. I am Katie. Nice to meet you! I live in San Luis Obispo and happen to have one of the world's best jobs. I photograph weddings, families, and kids. Many of you are finding this blog because you are planning a wedding...and to you a special welcome. Good luck! Wedding planning is a long process, and I value the time you've taken to find my site!

And a "thank you" to my current and past clients for letting me into their special connections, sharing their families. I am blessed to continue personal friendships with many clients well past their weddings.

What inspires me about weddings? Love, connections, happiness, laughter, hugs, warmth, tears, appreciation, gratitude, praise...and that's what gives me goosebumps at weddings. The decorations get packed away (although pintrest helps us remember every detail you might have considered, lol!), but the love remains as the foundation. I want your photos to reflect more than just the decorations of your life, it should reflect the love and laughter that provides the foundation for everything to come.


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June 7, 2011

Marie and Taylor told me they had a special venue in mind for their wedding. They wanted a unique, memorable location…and they found it in The Granada Theater in Santa Barbara. A quick look on Google told me all I needed to know…this was going to be a challenge (in terms of lighting), but a super cool experience. The venue is a glorious old theater with incredible art deco accents in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara (for you San Luis Obispo readers…it’s a lot like the Fremont Theater but grander). Marie and Taylor were rewarded in their “risk” of choosing a non-traditional wedding venue…everyone had a fantastic time and the theater provided a beautiful background for the event. The mid-seating area was used for the wedding ceremony and the stage was used for the reception. The cocktail hour was held in the lobby, and family photos were done in the upstairs balcony area. There was plenty of room for everyone to move around, dance and visit. I’m always so happy to photograph weddings in new venues, and this one is definitely on my list of favorites now. Marie and Taylor…thanks again for inviting me into your day. I hope you had a wonderful time and have great memories of your wedding day! I certainly enjoyed getting to know you both.