Welcome to my little blog. I am Katie. Nice to meet you! I live in San Luis Obispo and happen to have one of the world's best jobs. I photograph weddings, families, and kids. Many of you are finding this blog because you are planning a wedding...and to you a special welcome. Good luck! Wedding planning is a long process, and I value the time you've taken to find my site!

And a "thank you" to my current and past clients for letting me into their special connections, sharing their families. I am blessed to continue personal friendships with many clients well past their weddings.

What inspires me about weddings? Love, connections, happiness, laughter, hugs, warmth, tears, appreciation, gratitude, praise...and that's what gives me goosebumps at weddings. The decorations get packed away (although pintrest helps us remember every detail you might have considered, lol!), but the love remains as the foundation. I want your photos to reflect more than just the decorations of your life, it should reflect the love and laughter that provides the foundation for everything to come.

October 14, 2007

Oh boy…looked like rain. We were standing under umbrella’s during the rehearsal. But, the skies cleared for a fantastic day (and night) of blue skies, green and golden vineyards, and live oaks. Zenaida Cellars is a beautiful backdrop and host for getting married. They have this awesome 2-bedroom suite overlooking the ceremony spot, which makes it super easy to coordinate everyone and everything. And, I *knew* Annie’s wedding would have all the spectacular details to just set the place on fire! She’s got such a great eye for details.
So…on to the pictures!


I love it when a crowd of guys actually try hard to catch the garter. 9 times out of 10 though, it usually ends up on the ground. I have *never* seen a bouquet hit the ground unless the bride tossed it into a chandelier. Girls just don’t mess around with that stuff. =)

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