What is your style?

My photography style is much like my personality. Candid, relaxed, fun, and sometimes detailed. While the candids and details are the story of the day, I understand the importance of taking family group portraits and formals, too. These people aren’t together very often, so we plan on time for taking those types of photos. I am predominately a natural light photographer, which means I carry very little extra lighting equipment. The benefits are many including less annoying flash strobes to make you blink, no gear for your guests to walk around, and incredible natural light in your photos.

What equipment do you use?

I use a full suite of Canon professional gear. My cameras are 5D Mark IIIs with numerous lenses to cover all situations. Wide-angle, telephoto, fish eye, macro…I have them all. Of course, I wouldn’t be a professional if I didn’t also have numerous back-ups for all my gear, just in case.

Do you travel? What are travel fees?

Yes, I am available for weddings outside the Central Coast. Travel fees will depend on location. Please contact me for a more specific travel quote.

Do you bring an assistant or second photographer?

I photograph weddings both solo or with an assistant, it depends on the particulars of the wedding. Not every wedding requires me to have an assistant. In fact, some weddings are better with fewer cameras around. Weddings with fewer guests or smaller venues are actually better covered with one photographer. We can discuss the particulars of your wedding and venue to choose the right coverage for you.

How do I book you?

First you should confirm my availability by sending me a message. Then, once you’ve decided that you are ready to book, you can pay the $1000 deposit online. Along with the deposit, you will need to sign a services contract. Contact me when you are ready to book and I'll send you a contract proposal.

Do you edit or retouch images?

Yes, each image is edited as part of my workflow. The first round of editing invovles basics like color, saturation, contrast, and exposure adjustments. Select images will also be converted to black and white or split tone. Finally, portrait type images will be edited for skin blemishes, under-eye circles, or skin smoothing as needed. My edits are not about making you look like a different person, but rather you at your best. Extensive edits beyond those described above can be performed at a standard hourly rate for photo editing.

What are digital negatives?

Digital negatives are the full resolution JPG files. What can you do with the digital negatives? You can print HUGE enlargements with them. Or you could make thank you cards using them. If you want, you could make your own wedding album or book using another vendor. There are no watermarks on your images. You can downsize them for email, facebook, or where ever you want to share them online.

Do you charge sales tax?

No. If you book any one of my standard packages, you will not have to pay sales tax. This is because all your final products will be delivered through a digital download gallery. Sales tax will apply if you order albums or prints.