If you want to know how I became a wedding photographer, there are no sappy stories about my grandpa giving me my first camera when I was 6 years old and igniting my photography passions…because that didn’t happen. I became a photographer at first because of two seemingly unrelated things…I had a crush on a guy and I love technology gadgets. A long time ago, I was a professional engineer starting work at "real" job in San Luis Obispo. To stay in shape, I decided to swim on my lunch breaks at the public pool nearby. There was more than just swimming on my mind though. A cute guy was a local high school water polo coach. I’d see him over on the side of the pool coaching his team…and I’d wait for him to ask me out. Wait. I’d wear a great looking swimsuit, walk across his line of sight. Wait again. Nothing. Finally, I got brave and asked him out. We had a great time together, but he always seemed to be busy coaching that water polo team. In an effort to woo him, I attended a lot of water polo games. Unfortunately, no matter how much I watched that first season…I didn’t seem to be getting any smarter about the game. I decided to bring along a camera to mask my continued ignorance of the game. It was a great diversion and I had a blast sharing the pictures with the team.

And, here comes the expensive part…then Canon put out its first digital SLR camera. The D30. I didn’t buy it (one of the last times I ever resisted the urge to buy camera gear). A year later, Canon released the D60 and I finally jumped. The idea of a digital SLR was just too fascinating to resist finally. That first DSLR camera body cost $3000, was only 8 MP, and had terrible low-light performance. BUT…it was perfect for water polo games. At the urging of the team, I submitted the photos to the local newspaper. What do ya know? They liked them enough to publish them regularly AND hire me as a local photographer.

And that’s the story of how a crush on a guy and my inability to resist technology lead to a photography career. It’s also the story of how I met my husband, the cute water polo coach.

Ten years, two kids, 8 cameras and 16 lenses later…I am still madly in love with my husband and photography.